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at this point so we are just beginning to see delays. so again this accident just popped up in the last few minutes. so expect some problem spots there. you may want to consider 580. elsewhere, let's go to the bay bridge where we are starting to see some delays now at least in some of the cash lanes. they have not activated the metering lights yet so the middle lanes are still moving okay but we'll let you know as soon as they turn on the metering lights. back to you guys. >> thank you. some developing news out of egypt. health officials say the death toll from a hot air balloon accident has now risen to 19 after a british tourist died of his injuries. as cbs' tina kraus reports, foul play has been ruled out. >> reporter: rescuers carried away a body from the scene of the crash in egypt's ancient city of luxor. a hot air balloon carrying at least 20 tourists caught fire and plunged into a sugar cane field. at least 18 people died. egyptian security officials say an explosion in a gas canister
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forced the balloon 1,000 feet to the ground. a u.s. photographer snapped these photos before several groups of tourists took flight to see some of luxor's famous sights. authorities say no americans were riding in the balloon that went down. three people including the balloon's pilot survived. they reportedly jumped out of the balloon before it crashed. tina kraus, cbs news. >> hot air balloon crashes have happened in luxor before. 16 people were hurt four years ago when a balloon came down after hitting a communications tower. a bay area couple missing in south america may have been spotted just 10 days ago. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom this morning. and cate, there is some word from peru on what they might be doing. reporter: kpix 5 spoke with a hostel operator this month who believes they are still in the area. peruvian tv reports these photos of garrett hand and
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jamie neal. it shows them taking a bus to lima january 26 days after they stopped posting on facebook. the couple was on a bike tour of south america. their families say all communications stopped a month ago. but last night we spoke with the hostel operator in northeastern peru. she tells kpix 5 she met the couple and they were there as recently as february 16. the woman says they stayed at her hostel twice and believes the couple is on a spiritual retreat. she told us she hopes the outside world will, quote, let them go to let them enjoy their time here. but garrett hand's mother says they are determined to find them. the family enlisted the help of the state department. >> somebody knows where garrett is. garrett and jamie neal, they know where they are. someone is with them somewhere. we need them to call us. we need them to come home. >> reporter: the family recently posted on facebook that there has still been no
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financial activity, no social media activity, mow communication -- no communication at all from the couple but they are holding out hope. coworkers of jamie's are posting flyers and set up a fund to raise money. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the coast guard searched through the night but no sign of a family reported in distress out in the pacific. officials released this call for help hoping someone might recognize the man's voice. >> coast guard,coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the charmblow. we are abandoning ship. >> that call came a day and a half ago and the coast guard still isn't sure exactly where it came from. air national guard is helping with the search that's focused some 65 miles offshore from monterey but it's also expanded north to canada and west to hawaii. they said a husband, wife and two young children with
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abandoning a sinking sailboat. the coast guard says it might be a hoax since they haven't found anything yet. but there are no report of a missing boat or any people at any california port. a couple who died while scuba diving off carmel are vladimir and marina butsky in san jose found floating physical down on friday. rescue crews tried to revive them. they were pronounced dead at the hospital. they were certified divers. a preliminary investigation found their equipment was working fine. a state parks official says the spot where they were diving whaler's cove, is a safe shallow area. a standoff in oakland is over. cops told neighbors they were serving a search warrant yesterday. a girl who lives in the house told us police came in and handcuffed people. a man connected to a murder case was reportedly holed up in an apartment there. the standoff blocking off streets in the area for hours, but all clear this morning now
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in oakland. bail $26 million for a west sacramento police officer under arrest after a five-month investigation. sergio alvarez is accused of assaulting women while he work alone on the graveyard shift. victims are 20 to 47. investigators say some of the assaults actually happened in alvarez's patrol car. >> i'm just appalled and sickened that someone who was put in a position of trust would violate that trust. >> alvarez faces 35 felony charges. he is married and has three children. checking the bay area watch, six suspects in a fatal san francisco shooting returned to court today for a preliminary hearing. they face various charges in connection with a man and woman found bound and gagged on the a city street in december. the man had been shot and later died. >> san bruno city officials will talk gun violence tonight. the city council is considering a resolution that would support
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legislation at the state and federal levels. councilmembers are also trying to come up with local measures that would be effective to reduce gun violence. tonight's city council meeting begins at 7:00. two state lawmakers from berkeley have put forward bills in response to last summer's chevron refinery fire. lonnie hancock aims to increase civil penalties when a facility violates regulations. she says the current penalties are too low. assemblywoman nancy skinner would give cal-osha new powers to force the correction of unsafe conditions. 6:08. another check of traffic and weather. lawrence is waiting for that storm door to open up. >> i wish. yeah. i mean, it would make things a lot more exciting to see the storms coming back in here and we need it. we're running below average of rainfall so things have changed a bit of course since january. we have seen a huge change in the pattern with high pressure building in. today no exception. that ridge sitting overhead and nice clear start to the day in most spots. couple of patches of fog at the
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coastline. but you know what? through the day we are going to have a beautiful day. enjoy it. temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now. i think by the afternoon lots of sunshine under that ridge that's holding that storm track to the north. pacific northwest continues to get pounded with storm after storm. we are staying nice and dry now. so yeah, it should be a weather repeat around the bay area. average temperatures low to mid- 60s. by the afternoon about 4 degrees above average in santa rosa at 66. about 64 degrees in concord. and 64 degrees in san jose. will we see any rain? maybe this weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. a foam fight in san jose. later today, city leaders will vote on banning styrofoam food containers there. environmentalists say containers clutter the waterways, clog landfills and threat n wildlife especially when they get into the bay. but restaurant owners say the ban would push up container costs and the alternatives do not work, as well. a federal court gives a
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reprieve to an oyster farm in the upon the reyes national seashore -- in the point reyes national seashore. a panel of three judges granted an injunction that will allow the drakes bay oyster company to stay open for the time being. the owners are challenging a decision by interior secretary ken salazar to deny a permit extension. >> they can rule at that point only that we can't be shut down while the lawsuit's under way. and then at the end of the lawsuit, which will be however long, a year, year and a half, then final decisions will be made. >> the appeals court cited hardship for some 30 workers who would lose their jobs. the court has put the case on a fast track schedule. arguments will be heard in san francisco in mid-may. and another milestone this afternoon for the upcoming america's cup yacht race. a ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned at a new cruise ship terminal at the port of san francisco. that terminal will be the headquarters for the 34th america's cup. 6:10. new this morning the federal
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government has started releasing some people who been detained by i.c.e. it is in preparation for massive budget cuts set to kick in on friday. meanwhile no sign of progress in washington on efforts to avoid the so-called sequester. congress has until friday to come up with an agreement. if they don't, $85 billion will automatically be cut from domestic and defense budgets. today president obama plans to visit a virginia shipbuilding company that would be affected by cuts to the military. the president and other democrats are calling for a package of targeted cuts and tax increases although republican leaders say all the savings should come from reduced spending. they have, what, three more days to get it done. >> not a lot of time. time now 6:11. the first lady photoshopped? how one country alter's michelle obama's surprise oscar appearance. >> and a white-out condition and hurricane-force winds. the blizzard that's hammering the midwest. coming up. >> a few nights of bad sleep
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can do more than just make you drowsy at work. how it can change your dna.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. let's go to elizabeth in traffic. >> we are continuing to watch breaking news in san jose. police have been investigating an overnight deadly hit-and- run. and within the last few minutes, they have been able to reopen the roads. the southbound lanes of monterey road have been shut down by bellevue avenue. but again, it looks like now the northbound and southbound lanes have both been reopened. around 1 a.m. a woman was hit by a car crossing the street and the driver took off. we have a crew on the scene and they will have another live report coming up.
6:14 am
a bad crash northbound 880 by oak street in oakland. the accident involved several cars including a garbage truck. a lot of glad debris, injuries, right now we have confirmed two of the left lanes are blocked. it's stacked up for one exit at the embarcadero. use 580. so far it's not stacked up at the coliseum. but when accidents like this happen it usually backs up, takes a while to clear and doesn't take long for things to jam up toward the oakland coliseum. san mateo bridge, things are moving at the limit in both directions. the morning commute is definitely on the upswing now. we're seeing more cars in the commute direction. at the bay bridge metering lights are on and stacked up beyond the overcrossing 10 minutes to get on the span. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." lawrence has a beautiful week in weather. >> yes. hey, liz, did you just see -- i was just talking to our coanchors here and they kicked me off the set. >> why? >> i don't know!
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>> i brought them coffee earlier today. can you believe that? [ laughter ] at home today, you are enjoying another gorgeous day coming your way as high pressure sits overhead. no threat of rainfall today. just a couple of patches of fog out toward the immediate coastline. otherwise, clear and looking good inside the bay and the valleys. 30s and 40s now. this afternoon 60s in many spots inland, 50s at the coastline, and staying cooler there. but lots of sunshine outside. high pressure sending the jet stream a little bit further to the north. that is going to keep us dry. you can see pacific northwest getting pounded by another storm coming in their direction but not us. we are going to keep things mild and remaining dry for now. a weak system heads toward the bay area over the weekend. and that's about as close a shot as we have to seeing raindrops. otherwise it's mostly clear start. and dry at sfo if you are expecting anybody in or sending anybody out. it looks like it will be a good day to travel except the cross the country problems in denver, snow there, chicago mix of snow
6:16 am
and rain. new york checking in with rainfall and 52 degrees. around the bay area, spring- like, 64 san jose, 65 cupertino, and 58 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up into the 60s in many spots as high as 67 degrees in brentwood for today. and inside the bay we'll find some sunshine, 58 in san francisco. and 66 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, lots of sunshine coming our way. temperatures warming up into the 60s and the low 70s. and then a few clouds return our way over the weekend including sprinkles overnight inside into sunday. that's why you kicked me off the set. >> i think we are going to kick you off again. >> you were in the wrong place. we were actually helping you. >> i thought you were trying to get rid of me. >> that too. >> check your coffee this morning. [ laughter ] the nation's midsection is going through another big winter storm after dealing with a major blizzard just last week. right now the storm is hitting parts of kansas and missouri. it brought snow and strong winds to north texas and surrounding areas yesterday forcing highway closures and
6:17 am
cutting power to thousands. so far, two deaths are linked to the storm. one each in kansas and oklahoma. stores are selling a lot of weather-related supplies. >> customers buying generators, ice melt, stuff like that, snow shovels. >> a state of emergency is declared in kansas city missouri. hundreds of flights have been canceled at airports in the region so if you are flying out today from sfo or oakland, call your airline in advance. michelle obama's surprise oscar appearance looked different in iran. state news there showed a more covered-up first lady. take a peek. here are the two photos. it's clearly altered on the right to include sleeves and a higher neckline. iran has laws that restrict showing female bodies in the media. the white house hasn't commented but the first lady looking fabulous in both pictures. and new york mayor michael bloomberg will be the main commencement speaker at stanford this year. in announcing the choice the
6:18 am
school president john hennessey cited bloomberg's record of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. it's june 12 to 14. it's wake-up call about tossing around turning, what it does to your body. >> can actually change your genetic makeup. in a new british study, 26 volunteers slept fewer than six hours a night for a week. subsequent blood tests showed the sleep loss disrupted activity of more than 700 genes that are critical to stress, inflammation, metabolism, your biological clock and even how we fight disease. >> it underscores the importance for the need for a good amount of sleep during the night to try and set a regular bedtime, normal waking time and to maximize the amount of sleep you have during the night. >> previous studies have shown how too little sleep can fact hower heart functions and how your -- how your heart functions and how your brain
6:19 am
works. >> i need to get more sleep. >> how many hours did you get? >> about 6. which is really good because i usually get about 4. >> that's the jackpot. six is good. 6:20 right now. coming up, the giants manager's son makes his spring training debut. >> a last second shot that earns the play of the day in college hoops. much more coming up.
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checking out your allergy forecast for today. we are running a moderate category, yup, we have ash, june perk alder all blooming right now. >> and 880 in oakland a mess. they just issued a traffic alert on northbound 880 approaching oak street. only one lane is blocked but delays are growing backed up to
6:23 am
23rd. use 580. more coming up. checking the cactus league now with the giants and white sox. we have a little baseball. bruce bochy's son brett got a rude awakening in his spring debut. the manager's son came in with the bases loaded and gave up a ground-rule double. his next pitch, say hello to seth loman from the white sox and that's a three-run bomb. rough outing for the younger bochy but he has potential. giants blew a 9-0 lead and tied- 9. some defensive gems in a high scoring as and indians game. josh reddick nice leather in outfield. great defensive plays but the as lost to cleveland 14-10 in arizona. the morning play of the day. comes from the world of college
6:24 am
basketball. the go ahead winner there with the steal and the three-pointer up and good. the game winner seton hall beats villanova 66-65. march madness is nearly upon us. >> i know. do you love it? >> i do! >> do you do the brackets? >> and you will too. >> okay. >> it's a requirement. >> you work for cbs, come on. >> i know it. 6:26 right now. time to go possibly a bay area city considers banning all styrofoam containers. >> and that couple from oakland goes missing in peru. why family says they are hopeful about their safety now. >> reporter: police in san jose are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman early this morning. the latest coming up.
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somebody knows where garrett is. garrett and jamie neal, they know where they are. >> new clues interest peru in the search for a bay area couple. >> now kpix 5 has learned the couple was spotted as recently as last week. >> good news for the drakes bay oyster company and good news for people who like oysters all around the bay area. >> an oyster farm catches a break in its battle with the feds. >> it's something we have been waiting for so long. >> you have to walk around in your house with a gun to feel safe. >> oakland residents become do it yourself detectives. >> in a neighborhood that started to feel like the wild west, people have taken to posting wanted signs. >> you can see behind me what we're dealing with. >> another winter blizzard slamming the plains states. >> she's my baby, i can't let her go. >> a bald eagle escapes from a bay area zoo and we're there for the rescue. >> why are you smiling? >> because i never seen a eagle before. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news
6:29 am
this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:30 now. we begin this morning with a search which is on for a hit- and-run driver who struck and killed a woman. she was crossing a street in south san jose. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us now and tells us they just opened monterey road. >> reporter: that's right. they just opened monterey road and it was right here at the intersection of bellevue where a woman was crossing the street early this morning when she was hit by a car and killed. the driver never stopped. this happened at around 1 a.m. and police say that the woman was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. witnesses saw the dark vehicle continue traveling southbound on monterey. at this point, officials don't know how fast that driver was going or if drugs or alcohol
6:30 am
were involved. >> there is lighting out here. it is dim. but at 1:00 in the morning it's still very hard to see somebody even if they are dressed in bright clothing. and following the speed limit, it's still hard to see somebody and stop in time. >> reporter: the woman was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead less than an hour later. police just wrapped up their investigation at the scene. they are still searching for that driver and asking anybody with information to come forward because they don't have a lot to work off. they don't know what type of car this was. they didn't get a plate number. all they know is that there was a dark vehicle heading southbound on monterey shortly after that accident. reporting live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> okay. thank you, elissa harrington. we were watching the delays building on monterey near bellevue but again, as elissa mentioned all lanes are open. all streets are now open there in san jose. so we have a new problem spot now in oakland where they may have issued a traffic alert
6:31 am
northbound 880 right by that oak street exit. right now we have one lane blocked. for a while there were multiple lanes blocked. one of the left lanes is blocked as well as that oak street off-ramp. it's an accident multicar crash also involving a garbage truck. the problem is there was a lot of glass debris in lanes taking a while to clean up. injuries are reported, as well. at last check kcsb airborne flew over and says it's backed up towards 29th a couple of exits so use 580 in the meantime as a best bet. on the maps, also on 880, southbound 880 in fremont, this is approaching mowry avenue, we are watching a motorcycle accident blocking up to two lanes. again airborne flew over the scene and says it's stacked up toward dakota road. we have two major problems on 880. and a quick look outside a live look at milpitas, 880/237, where the silicon valley commute is off to a great start. we'll have more traffic coming up. the death toll is up to 19 in egypt where a hot air
6:32 am
balloon burst into flames plunged into a sugar cane field today. the balloon was carrying foreign tourists over the ancient city of luxor. three survivors including the two egyptian pilots are now being treated at a hospital. there are no reports that i in of the victims are from north america and there's no official cause but one investigator says it appears the pilot's landing cable got caught around a helium tube. egypt has suspended all balloon flights now. kpix 5 has learned a missing bay area couple may have been seen in peru in just the last 10 days. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the norman wielsch this morning with new possibilities in the case -- is in the newsroom this morning with new possibilities in the case. >> reporter: we spoke with a woman who said she saw the two as recently as february 16 and believes the couple is still out there. now, this news comes as two families are holding out hope. here's video from peruvian tv that shows jamie neal and her boyfriend, garrett hand, apparently on a bus to lima last monday. the couple was on a bicycle tour of south america and had been keeping in touch with
6:33 am
friends and family on social media. but the last messages were a month ago. but kpix 5 spoke with a hostel operator in northeastern peru. she told us that the couple stayed at her hostel twice. she thinks they might be on a spiritual retreat. but jamie neal's sister is worry. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25th. so to me, anything could have happened sense then, you know? i hope that she is just having a blast. >> reporter: jamie's coworkers at an east bay bike shop has launched an effort to find the couple. they posted flyers and set up a fund to raise money. the family's last facebook post says there is still no financial activity, no social media activity, no communication at all from the couple. reporting live until the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. still no sign of a family reported in trouble at sea despite a search that continued through the night. the coast guard wants to know if you recognize the voice
6:34 am
making the mysterious mayday call. >> coast guard coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the charmblow. we are abandoning ship. >> there is no sign of the 29- foot sailboat that supposedly sank 65 miles offshore from monterey sunday evening. but the coast guard is still looking with help now from the national guard. in fact, the search is expanded toward hawaii and up to canada. the couple who radioed in the call said they were ditching on a makeshift raft with two children in tow. so far no sign of them or wreckage. no boats have been reported missing from any california marina, and no one seems to have ever heard of the charmblow. 6:36 now. a long standoff is now over in east oakland. it began yesterday afternoon near 87th avenue and birch street. police are providing no details about what happened. witnesses though tell kpix 5 they saw people handcuffed and that investigators told them they were serving a search warrant at the time. a man apparently connected to a murder case was reportedly
6:35 am
holed up in an apartment there. the standoff blocked off streets in the area for hours. but all is clear this morning in oakland. some people in another oakland neighborhood are now taking action saying police don't have time to deal with home burglaries in their neighborhood. residents are walking the streets of the city's arcadia park neighborhood looking out for anything or anyone suspicious. one home in the area was broken in twice in a 24-hour span. >> he was on with 911 when those men tried to kick into his room. >> neighbors say about 25 arcadia park homes have been burglarized in just the past couple of months. time now is 6:37. let's get another check on the weather. >> it's beautiful. same old song, right? >> looking good. yeah. a lot of sunshine coming our way again, the temperatures going to start to heat up a little bit today. but latter part of the week, boy, this could be something else. outside right now, we have
6:36 am
mostly clear skies, temperatures cool in spots. 30s and 40s. we are seeing a couple of patches of fog toward the miess coastline but that's about the worst of it this morning. by the afternoon, expecting beautiful sunshine about 65 degrees in cupertino, 64 in san jose and 63 degrees in santa clara. as you slide over to the east bay some of the warmer temperatures, 66 in antioch, 64 in concord, and 65 in walnut creek. inside the bay a little cooler into san francisco about 58 degrees. but should see lots of sunshine, 63 in oakland. and 60 degrees in sausalito. could we see some rain coming up in the not too distant future? we'll check on that in a moment. right now, back to you guys. >> thank you. a battle over foam containers in san jose late every today, city leaders voting on a possible ban at restaurants. n environmentalists say the containers clutter waterways, clog landfills and threaten wildlife especially when they get into the bay. restaurant owners say the ban would push up their container costs and that the alternatives don't work.
6:37 am
an oyster farm in the point reyes national seashore won a break from a federal court. a panel of three judges from the court of appeals granted an injunction that will allow the drakes bay oyster company to stay open for the time being. the owners are challenging a decision by interior secretary ken salazar to deny a permit extension. arguments will be heard in san francisco in mid-may. the parents of trayvon martin will be in new york today for a candlelight vigil to remember their son killed a year ago in florida. a neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman going on trial in june for second-degree murder saying he shot martin in self-defense after being assaulted. gaza militants fired a rocket into israel today for the first time in three months. damage from the rocket was minimal but it sparked protests including one war two palestinian teens were injured and a confrontation with an israeli soldier. responsibility for the attacks was claimed by militants to
6:38 am
claim connection to palestinian president mahmoud abbas. they say it was revenge for the death of a palestinian in israeli custody. the vatican is now answering a couple of key questions about this week's retirement of pope benedict xvi. there are some issues that haven't been dealt with in 6 centuries. the vatican announced today benedict xvi will be known now as emeritus pope. he will continue to wear white. as for the upcoming conclave to choose the pope's replacement, los angeles cardinal roger mahony plans to attend, despite allegations he covered up sex abuse involving clergy. a former san francisco archbishop stands by him. >> i believe he should be at the conclave and i'm glad to see he has left and look forward to seeing him there. >> more than 100 cardinals will gather at the vatican starting on thursday. 6:40 now. from smartphones to tablets, which products are getting the
6:39 am
biggest buzz at this year's mobile world congress. brian cooley will talk about it. >> plus the bald eagle has landed. why this escaped bay area zoo bird was saved just in time. >> how about the market? opened just a few minutes ago. the early numbers, after falling some 200 points yesterday, we are out of the gate in a good way. all green all the way around. jason brooks will crunch the numbers when we come back. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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fans happy. pluto's two newest, teeny-tiny moons will be named vulcan. vulcan was the roman god of lava and smoke, and the nephew of pluto. this ought to paining "star trek" fans happy. pluto's moons will be named vulcan, the roman god of lava and smoke and nephew of pluto. the seti institute organized a name changing contest and
6:43 am
william shatner named the moons. vulcan was the home planet of mr. spock during "star trek." so william shatner 82 and still going strong. >> right. it's only fitting that he name the moon, right? >> i would agree. the biggest cell phone show in the tech world is happening right now in barcelona, of all places. the mobile world congress. >> it covers everything from smartphones to tablets and laptops. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley is here with us this morning with new products getting the biggest buzz. >> reporter: good morning. this show goes on in spain every year. this is kind of like the biggest show for wireless stuff anywhere which has become kind of the biggest tech show in the world now because we're all wireless. one trend is cheap smartphones. this would be good news for folks who can't stomach paying $200 for a $600 phone and that long contract. here's one from no deyeah called the lum yeah 520 priced under $200 when you convert it from euros and that's the whole price not subsidized. that's the price of the phone. so it could be maybe a free
6:44 am
phone with activation. if it comes here to the u.s. simple specs, less resolution but it does what it's supposed to do. that one runs windows but there will be an android well under $200 out the door. now, there's also a new operating system coming. you know about ios from apple and android of course. there's a new one from firefox which everyone knows is a browser but the same people of people who do the browser say we can run a phone. it looks like any other smartphone. you have the play games, icons, your standard functions and apps. but it's a whole 'nother camp if you will that might attract carriers who want to offer low cost phones because this will be a less expensive operating system to build into phones. it's all part of this low cost trend but it will also be another variant, another flavor alongside apple and android and the fact that firefox is well known means consumers i think will be open to it. i know what that is. that's firefox now running a phone. >> i understand they are making
6:45 am
tablets and phones together. >> reporter: this is the part we saw over there that lets you dock the phone inside the back of a tablet. the tablet is two processors, two memory, storages, screens, why not just slide the phone into the back of a tablet? basically turning the tablet into a magnifying glass for your phone. everything you want to do is on the phone. why not just have a bigger screen you can use when you want to? there is the phone in the back. so this is an interesting product. it's coming from a group called the pad phone. my concern is the price. they are pricing it at about $1,000 it looks like roughly when it companies to market. that's not much of a cost savings. >> no. you're paying for both. >> $1,000 for both? >> for both. all in. as i understand it. these are all products that are typically debuting in europe and we have to convert the prices from the suggested euro prices as well so it's vague but that's an interesting way for you to have fewer duplicate chips that you're paying for. and connections you're paying for. and that would be one wireless account just your smartphone data to power both. we have all tons of more stuff
6:46 am
breaking out now. this is day 2 all in the front door at cnet. >> i understand flip phones are still out there? >> yes. i saw one from a company called emporia connect. it has huge buttons aimed at seniors. i'm reticent to say seniors need big buttons. most don't but if you do, this is interesting because you, the family member, can program and manage this via an app on pur smartphone. so you can manage contacts, check where they are from your app. >> you're talking about seniors. let's talk about this you its so showed a prototype of a gps connected cane so has arrows on the handle letting the person who uses the cane get directions simply where a map where you have entered the direction. >> i like that. we are quickly becoming the jetsons. >> very close.
6:47 am
>> find his tech watch segments on wall street is looking for a bump today to help recover from yesterday's big drop. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: wall street on the comeback after its worst session of 2013 down more than 200 yesterday. worries over italy's political system following partment try elections. that's reviving fierce of the debt crisis in europe -- fears of the debt crisis in europe. the market is coming back today. the case schiller report shows very solid gains year-over-year across its 20 city index of 6.8% from december. and across its national index for all 2012 up 7.3%. the bay area one of the
6:48 am
standouts. up 14.4% in 2012 the second biggest game behind phoenix which was up 23%. let's look at the numbers and the market is looking better at the open. dow up 85 points. nasdaq is gaining 4. s&p is up by 6. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning, norah. >> reporter: good morning. the atmosphere around congress is often compared to a zoo. so we'll show you how the looming federal budget cut could hurt the national zoo and others around the country. plus, the big business around the oscars. we'll show you why studios put up big money. how much they put up. and why they hope to bring home a golden statue. why it means big business for them. the news is back in the mornings. we'll see you at 7:00. >> so i take it you guys got some sleep after your big oscar party on sunday night? >> a little. but we did have a bit of a oscar party and did you stay up late?
6:49 am
>> oh, of course. >> oh, yeah. we did. we had to watch. >> we're on the west coast. it's not so hard. >> that's true. >> all right. norah o'donnell, thanks so much. >> have a good day. >> you, too. >> take care. how about some weather at 6:50? lawrence is delivering what looks like a perfect week. >> we have great weather ahead if you like the sunshine and dry weather. you will love the next few days. plenty of sunshine opening cure way starting out mostly clear this morning. just a couple of patches of fog at the coast. that's it. afternoon sunshine and mild temperatures inland and then we start on a warming trend. some of these temperatures could move into the low 70s toward the latter part of this week. high pressure in cell it is keeping the storm track and the jet stream just to the north of the bay area. dry for the short term meaning we'll see some nice weather and mild conditions the next few days. and then things change on the weekend. around the state today, 68 and sunny in sacramento. 44 degrees in lake tahoe. 58 degrees and sunny into monterey bay.
6:50 am
and 67 degrees in ukiah. around the bay today we are looking at those temperatures as high as 64 in san jose. 65 in campbell. 60 degrees in union city. east bay temperatures may sneak up into the upper 60s into brentwood, about 67 in fairfield. 65 in napa. 64 vallejo. as you head inside the bay, 63 degrees and sunny in oakland. 58 san francisco. 66 santa rosa. next couple of days, plenty of sunshine and warmer weather on thursday and friday. maybe some 70s. then we cool down a weak cold front and more clouds over the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and we have been watching a couple of major problems on the 880 freeway in the east bay. here is a live look right now. there was a motorcycle crash southbound 880 approaching stevenson. just a few minutes ago they opened all lanes. for a while a couple of left lanes had been block. now as you can see, it is still really stacked up in the area. this is one of our caltrans cameras in the area. it is barely moving. traffic is still just inching along as far back as union
6:51 am
city. all right. let's take a live look now at oakland. this is our other problem spot. a traffic alert was just canceled northbound 880. this is approaching the oak street exit. this is involving a garbage truck. again, all lanes are back open. at the worst time when the accident first happened up to three lanes were blocked with glass all over the roadway so it's still backed up to at least high street. just north of where our camera is near the oakland coliseum. so you may still want to consider using 580 until traffic really recovers in the area. coming up a check of the bay bridge. here's a live look backed up for 25 minutes to get on the span. metering lights are on. back to you guys. >> but a beautiful day. a bald eagle that wandered away from its handler is now safely back at the palo alto zoo. her trip away from home began on saturday. the 24-year-old bird named sequoia got spooked and wandered off during a flying exercise. then her handlers tracked her with a radio receiver along highway 101 in menlo park. they tried to entice her with a
6:52 am
meal of quail and mice. and finally after three days, sequoia decided not to go cold and hungry anymore. >> i was really, really happy and concentrating on holding on to the food really tight because she can snatch it and fly by and hoping she would come by me and not veer off at the last second. >> these incidents offer impromptu lessons on nature for children. sequoia has wandered off 8 times in the last 24 years. she does her own thing. but she can. time now 6:54. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> including a bay area couple that vanished in peru and now some new clues about where they may have been headed coming your way am i allergic to any medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical
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a car hit a woman crossing bellevue avenue checking out top stories on tuesday, a deadly hit-and-run overnight in san jose. >> a car hit a woman crossing monterey road at bellevue avenue at about 1 a.m. the woman died at a hospital about an hour later. the driver continued south on monterey road. san jose police are looking for a dark colored vehicle and asking anyone with information to call them. 19 people dead after a hot air balloon burst into flames and crashed today in egypt. the balloon was carrying foreign tourists over the ancient city of luxor. three survivors hospitalized after falling 1,000 feet. one investigator says it appears the pilot's landing cable got caught around a helium tube. egypt has now suspended all balloon flights. peruvian television is showing pictures of a missing bay area couple including photos apparently taken after the two posted their last pictures from their trip a month ago. kpix 5 has talked to the operator of a hostel, who says the missing bicyclists were
6:57 am
there 10 days ago. she told us they might still be in the area on a spiritual retreat. okay. 6:58. one last check on a tuesday with weather and traffic. lawrence? >> yes. good time to hang around the bay area because the other parts of the country not so nice with blizzard conditions. but we are enjoying sunshine, what a beautiful beginning to the day, plenty of sunshine early on. couple of patches of fog at the coastline. 30s and some 50s now. the afternoon promises to bring plenty of sunshine and beautiful weather as high as 67 degrees in fairfield, 65 in napa, and 64 degrees in san jose. even warmer on thursday and friday. cooling down a few more clouds for the weekend. >> unfortunately, there's a lot of people stuck in traffic right now especially if you're traveling on 880 anywhere in oakland or in fremont. all lanes have been reopened southbound 880 after stevenson boulevard after a motorcycle accident. delays are still there. it's bad in the area. look at that. bail of moving as far back as union -- barely moving as far
6:58 am
back as union city. new crash southbound 680 approaching diablo road. two left lanes were blocked at last check. >> busy day. >> tend to be a ripple effect. >> busy morning on the roads. >> all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. the next local update is at 7:25. enjoy the beautiful day. captions by: caption colorado captioni cbs good morning, it is tuesday, february 26th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." forecasters call it crippling and historic, inside the blizzard slamming the midwest. plus why conservatives may be snubbing governor chris christie. and john kerry says americans have a right to be stupid. the message he's delivering this morning on his first overseas trip as secretary of state. can wine and olive oil stop heart disease? what you should know about the diet study making headlines. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye
6:59 am
opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> we just lost my stick. that's three feet deep. >> reporter: another brutal winter blast buries the heartland. >> wreaking havoc across the texas panhandle up into the plains states hurricane force winds brought travel to a halt. >> the second powerful winter storm in a week continues to dump snow and knock out power. >> it may be worst than the last one. congress has until friday to hammer out an agreement to avoid the so-called sequester, a series of sweeping federal spending cuts. >> it looks like we can't defend america our allies will be on steroids. >> hundreds will lose access to preventative care and flu vaccinations. >> holy [ bleep ]! in egypt 19 tourists killed in a hot air balloon crash, the balloon caught fire causing an explosion. jamie neal and garrett hamm

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